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Find your calm

Mindfulness is a universal, modern way to enhance life.

Its practice can make us calmer and more centred, and improve our physical wellbeing.

The mindful way to wellbeing is life-changing. The idea is very simple: you pay attention to an experience in the present moment, while allowing yourself to be open-hearted and "spacious". Our pure state of mind is spacious, but over time, as we accumulate life experiences, certain habits of thinking form and solidify.

"There is no way to happiness. Happiness is the way." - Thich Nhat Hanh

Mindfulness meditation, practised over a period of at least a few weeks, can break down these inner structures and return us to our original openess. That's why mindfulness practice has been proven effective as an antidote to all kinds of negative mindsets, including poor self-esteem, high anxiety or stress, low levels of vitality and engagement, and mild to moderate depression.

To live more mindfully is to live more richly, with more skill, ease and flexibility.

What you will learn with Conor:

-Mindful meditation

-How to bring mindfulness into your everyday life

-How to let go of fear, worry & anxiety

-How mindfulness can be used in times of stress and turmoil

-The steps to take to allow you to live in the present

-Ways mindfulness can help bring calm & peace of mind to your life

-How to truly live every moment mindfully

-What changes living mindfully will bring to your life and the lives of those you love most

Watch Conor introduce his Mindfulness courses

Wellconor Mindfulness course introduction

Truths & Myths About Mindfulness

Mindfulness is a modern practice that involves paying full attention to your experiences, both good and bad -it's not a state of mystical bliss or spiritual transcendence. It has no religious dimension.

• Recognizing feelings without becoming caught up in them
• Identifying yourself as who you truly are - and not
identifying yourself with your feelings or mistakes
• Living more in the moment and less in the past and future
• A way to cultivate happiness that's suitable for all.

• Empyting the mind or stopping thinking
•A relaxation technique, though it will make you more relaxed as a by-product
• An escape from personality-it reveals to us our personality
• A charter for living life without  planning - you can plan in a mindful way, just as you can learn mindfully from the past.

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