Nourish your happiness

​Hello, I'm Conor. I'm a certified & experienced practitioner in Mindfulness, Hypnotherapy & EFT.

My holistic therapies work around you and are suitable for all adults, not just people experiencing challenges in life. They help with motivation, stress management, wellbeing, performance, happiness, relationships, mental & physical health. That's why I take pride in helping you to nourish your happiness, find your calm and achieve your goals.​

What can I help you with?

Group courses & retreats

If you prefer to learn & socialise in a group, whilst remaining anonymous if you wish, then these are the right choice for you. You could even ask a friend or two to learn with you.

1-2-1 courses

If you'd prefer to learn on 1-2-1 basis, a minimum of 6 sessions is highly recommended to allow you to learn each aspect available at the group courses. Video call sessions also available.

Regular 1-2-1's

During your initial free consultation, you and Conor will agree on an action plan to help you achieve your goals.  Each session will usually last up to 1 hour at a cost of £35ph. Available at home or at Conor's Belfast locations.

Employee Wellbeing

Conor is proud to work with Prestige HR as a Wellbeing Consultant, delivering Employee Wellbeing courses & workshops in Mental Health & Stress Awareness, Resilience, Mindfulness and much more.

What my clients say

ATTENTION ALL men over 45!

I'm  working on a very special project with The Rainbow Project & WellBeing NI

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I am open to Conor sending me news about courses, retreats, offers and events that may be of interest to me
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