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EFT stands for the 'Emotional Freedom Technique'. It is a mind/body tool that clears physical and emotional blocks from your energy system. It is one of the simplest, fastest ways to heal following almost any kind of trauma, whether it happened yesterday or 50 years ago. EFT is so easy to learn and apply, it is non-invasive, gentle, forgiving and non-judgmental.

It's adaptable to any situation and can be used for anything and everything beyond the obvious negative emotions, like money problems, relationship issues, lack of motivation and even allergies and a sore toe. This opens the technique up to anyone willing to try it.

“The cause of all negative emotions is a disruption in the body’s energy system”

EFT has been called many things – emotional acupuncture, emotional first aid, acupuncture without the needles, psychological acupressure, tearless trauma, meridian tapping or just plain tapping. There are no pills or medication of any sort involved, no invasive procedures, no cutting, prodding, stretching or manipulating. No one has to spend hours talking about their painful past or go into every excruciating detail of a traumatic event.

Since its introduction in the 1990s, people all over the world have embraced EFT with a passion and excitement seldom seen in the world of therapy. Teachers, doctors, dentists, coaches, psychologists and career sportsmen on every continent have tapped their way into new territories, relieved their pain and anguish and helped their clients, family and friends do the same.

We all think that we are more or less rational human beings and that we do things for very good reasons. Most of the time, we are nothing of the sort. In fact, we are driven by a mere sliver of the brain called the amygdala, an ancient part of what is referred to as the “reptilian brain.”

The amygdala is constantly scanning for danger because its biggest concern is safety. We are bombarded by millions of bits of sensory data every second of the day but we can only process about seven bits per second with the conscious mind. The amygdala is hardwired to focus on the negative, a hangover from ancient times when mere survival was a daily struggle.

EFT seems to calm the amygdala, triggering the brain’s own pain relief system. 

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EFT fees

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£35 per hour

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£45 per hour

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