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Conor is proud to work with Prestige HR as a Wellbeing Consultant, delivering Employee Wellbeing courses & workshops in Mental Health & Stress Awareness, Resilience, Mindfulness and much more. Hypnotherapy and EFT also available.

Your employee's physical and mental wellbeing directly effects how they think, feel and ultimately perform within your organisation.

Prestige HR

What can Prestige HR offer?

At Prestige HR, we work with

  • Businesses and organisations of all sizes

  • All industry sectors

  • Users of all ages, from school children to an aging workforce

We support businesses and organisations through:

  • Individual Side by Side Coaching and Mentoring

  • Training

  • HR Consultancy

  • Wellbeing Workshops & Courses

  • Health and Safety Consultancy

We're open 9am-5pm Monday-Friday.

Call us: 0845 9011 901


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Click here for the full range of courses and workshops

Our experienced consultants and trainers provide personalised support, whether you are introducing wellness for the first time or if you have an established strategy that you want us to deliver.

Our aim is to assist organisations in creating a positive, well-balanced working environment for their employees; so they thrive in their work, deliver on company goals and continue to develop a healthy lifestyle.

The impact of a healthy lifestyle provides many benefits to the individual and the business. Focus on tasks, become more efficient, improvement in relationships, promotes a healthier workforce, increase in wellbeing, improves physical and mental health resulting in effective productivity.

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How we can help
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