Some therapy techniques involve looking back at your past and considering what might have caused your current issue. For some, this approach is ideal and can be what’s needed to move forward. For others however, a different approach may be beneficial.

Solution Meditation, exclusive to WELLCONOR, doesn't focus on what happened in your past and instead looks at your present situation, and your future.

Setting goals for the future is a key component in Solution Meditation. In this form of meditation you will set specific, concrete, realistic goals, and actionable steps to take to reach your goal.

You already have the strength and resources within you to solve your own problems. Conor will help you awaken this inner wisdom and guide you along this journey to success.

Combining mindfulness meditation with hypnotherapy techniques, Solution Meditation is a state of deep relaxation where the subconscious becomes more open to positive suggestion. Incorporating relaxation and guided visualisation can help to enhance the solution work being carried out.

Meditation's what you need.
Wellconor Solution Meditation Introduction
Watch Conor introduce his exclusive Solution Meditation therapy

What to expect

While this approach encourages you to discover your own inner resources, it’s important to note that you are not alone in this. You and Conor will work together as a team to move forward from what’s troubling you.

  • Time to discuss what’s brought you to Conor & what you hope to achieve.

  • An explanation of meditation and how the brain works in terms of forming problems and solutions.

  • An outline of how Solution Meditation works and reassurance that you have inner strength and resources you are not yet tapping into.

  • Setting tangible and actionable goals.

  • Meditation, which will help lower anxiety and help your mind switch to ‘solution focused mode’.

  • Questioning techniques to help you figure out the steps you can take to achieve your goals.

  • Homework! Practice will make perfect, so Conor will suggest some exercises for you to try, you may also come up with suggestions for homework yourself.


In each session you can talk to Conor about your progress, what you feel is working and not working to help you achieve your goals. Each 1-hour session costs just £35.

You can find a detailed list of what Solution Meditation can help with here

*Like all therapies, the number of sessions required and results vary from person to person.

T's & C's and disclaimers here

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